Chicago North Chinese School (“CNCS”) was founded in 1981 with the mission to provide a superb learning environment in Chinese language and culture for the next generation of ethnic Chinese families and non-Chinese community members in the Chicago area. The CNCS offers Chinese language courses and culture related activities for students ranging from kindergarten to high school and adults as well. The school is a non-profit organization supported by the voluntary services of 15 administrative officers and more than 20 teachers, most of whom are parents of enrolled students. Currently, classes are held at the Des Plaines Campus of Oakton Community College. More than 200 students are enrolled in eleven levels of Chinese language classes during the hours between 1:25 P.M. and 4:00 P.M. on Sundays from late August to mid-May. The CNCS also offers other elective cultural and athletic classes including Chinese folk dance, Tai-Chi, Judo, Chinese brush painting, Chinese-knot making, Chinese yo-yo, badminton, and basketball before, during, or after the language classes to youths and adults. The CNCS language program has been approved as an Ethnic Language Program by the Illinois State Board of Education since 1994. In addition to the weekly classes, the CNCS regularly sponsors various events within the school and participates in social events around the Greater Chicago area. For instance, the Chinese speech contest, the Chinese word contest, and the Chinese New Year Celebration are three major events sponsored by the CNCS annually. The CNCS has hosted the Chinese Word Contest with the participation of ten other Chinese schools in the Chicago Metropolitan area for the last six years. Both the CNCS Chinese Folk Dance Team and Lion Dance Team have been very popular and invited to perform in various community events with great appreciation from the hosts and audiences. The CNCS strongly believes that the school can contribute significantly to the cultural diversity in the Chicago metropolitan area by implementing its mission through the effort of all volunteers and community sponsors.

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