Hua Hsia e-learning Centre is a member of the Hua Hsia Chinese School. Hua Hsia e-learning Centre has dedicated itself to becoming the “Intelligent Chinese Learning Solution”. The first e-learning Centre is based in North West London with facilities’ of 35 computers launched on the 10th October 2009. The e-learning will complement the Hua Hsia Chinese School in 3 branches Hampstead, High Barnet and Mill Hill. Hua Hsia e-leaarning Centre has selected IQ Chinese as its key educational tool. It is a broad, powerful, adaptive curriculum that maps closely to the National Curriculum, allowing the Hua Hsia tutor to teach your child in the most effective way possible. The Chinese school starts as a community school and now it can provide Asset Language Qualifications and GCSE, the school has a huge reservoir of a pool of qualified and experienced Chinese teacher who teach Chinese as second/foreign language. The school principal works closely with local government and mainstream schools, we run a lot of Chinese workshop, Chinese language taster and after school clubs. Hua Hsia Chinese School was founded in April 2001 by Katja H Ting from Taiwan. It has grown rapidly since September 2006 when school changed from Charity to Private school and from then we have two more branches in North London Our aim is to establish a network of centres where talented tutors would work in with children to meet their individual needs. Her vision for Hua Hsia e-learning Center is that it would complement a Chinese language learner experience in a positive way, helping them to succeed in the classroom. I want children and adult to enjoy learning Chinese language in a fun and easy way. And for the motivation for attending to come from them as much as their parents and this emphasis on fun is evident in the vibrant atmosphere of the centres.

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