American West Vancouver Chinese School (AWVCS) was formed in 1998 when an influx of Chinese expatriats, who are here as a result of new industries in Southwest Washington, started looking for local schools that offer Chinese education for their children. AWVCS was founded with its primary mission dedicated to educating students in speaking, reading and writing the Chinese language. AWVCS typically offers seven years of formal progressive Chinese education from learning Chinese phonics to Level 6 for students ages 5-18. We welcome students of all heritages to join us in learning the Chinese Language. Today, AWVCS offers Chinese education to everyone in Vancouver/Portland metropolitan area with a 100-strong student body. Classes are held at Hanna Hall in Clark College every Sunday afternoon during the regular school year. Parents and students are welcome to come visit the classes.
  • This class is Conversation 1. It is for students to have Chinese dialogues practice. The textbook is 常用中文句型 (Common Chinese Sentence Patterns) published by 中華民國僑務委員會 (Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission, R.O.C.(Taiwan))

    Self enrolment: Conversation 1